Company Profile
Welcome to the home of ZUMAX!

The spirit and philosophy of ZUMAX’s birth:
To carry out state-of-art technologies for the best quality
power supplies and to offer them to all user.

ZUMAX’s strongest foundation - The best international professionals
‧ The best power supply thermal-cooling and low-noise professional from Germany
‧ The best power supply design professional from Japan
‧ The best system-level power supply technical advisor from Silicon Valley (USA)
‧ The best power supply manufactures from Taiwan and China

ZUMAX offers - The power supply's state-of-art technologies
‧ Quiet enough! To make you sometime forget a power supply is working in your system
‧ Cool enough! Not only cool the power supply itself also cool your system
‧ Durable enough! So we can grant 36 month of warranty without problems
‧ Efficient enough! To save your cost and energy
‧ Low radiation emission! To protect your health and environment.
‧ More and more hidden features! You will know the benefits by using them.

That's why ZUMAX coming to serve you!